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What We Do ?

Hotel PMS

We provide you with an all-in-one property management software platform hat enables you to monitor reporting, analytics, central reservation systems, hotel channels, direct booking, and more.

Booking Engine

Provide patrons with the ability to directly book their desired room or apartment at your establishment. Enjoy digitized and streamlined booking through your new hotel booking engine.

Channel Manager

Access our centralized reservation system for room distribution to all of your OTAs, completely automated, occurring in real-time. Empty rooms will now be immediately pushed out to OTAs without any oversight.

Point of Sale

For any client in need of a point of sale solution, ranging from restaurants, gift shops, marinas, and more, we have a POS feature that is intuitive, flexible, and functional, providing our services at affordable rates.

PMS Addons

Looking for a customized solution? We have a variety of PMS add-ons you can peruse to custom tailored a property management solution that is perfect for your business.


Running a hotel is no easy feat today. From room management, staff coordination, and client relations, to working with partnering companies and restaurants onsite, it’s a 24-7 job. Centralizing all of your requirements and communication in one singular PMS saves you time, money, and frustration each day, providing everything you need in just one location. Our software integrates with any sized hotel, ready to flexibly adjust to what you need from a hotel management solution. LEARN MORE

Guest Houses

Guests houses are becoming increasingly popular among travelers today, providing an ability to live somewhere with full house amenities temporarily, on the go. If you own a guest house business, our PMS solution is compatible with your business, centralizing everything you need from direct booking to data backup to the cloud. Access your information anywhere, anytime, never worrying about different document folders and communication channels again. LEARN MORE

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